April 3, 2020 Baldy Book Launch


Without my home base, Inklings’ Books & Coffee Shoppe, I had very nearly decided to launch my fifth collection, Baldy, in silence. No fanfare. Online sales only.

Then, one morning at breakfast, the question of how I want to celebrate my 33-year birthday arose. When I thought about it, I realized I wanted to read, and give my new collection a proper send off, posted a request for venue suggestions on Facebook, and within minutes Lonnie Buerge of World’s Windows (https://www.worldswindowkc.com/) volunteered his store.

Truly amazing.


Please join us on April 3 @ 7PM if you feel you can make it.

Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “April 3, 2020 Baldy Book Launch”

  1. Hey, Cam:
    I’m excited to read your latest book of poetry. And I’m amazed at your level of productivity. The year’s not even half over yet. Keep going, Brother!
    Your fan in Bangkok,


    1. Thanks, man. Scooting my on S.S.I has freed up a lot of time for writing. Every so often, I’ll entertain the idea of a full-time job, though.

      I’ve been blessed. And I can’t seem to get through a day without at least trying to write a poem.

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      1. Truly, your output is inspiring… Have you heard of a guy from the UK named Mike Bell? I recently stumbled upon his IG account (it’s not very active). Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about five years ago, he decided to embark on a project to write 10,000 poems, or a poem a day, until he’s in his 80s. (He’s not a young man.) The hope is that writing poetry will slow the effects of the disease and keep his mind working well. He publishes all his poems daily on his website. They’re pretty good, too. Check him out: https://mikebellpoems.com


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