Temodar: Low Dose Daily

Friday night Omi started in her crib and I rose to soothe her. Lili’s efforts end in breast-feeding or frustration, so I rose, dutifully, to soothe her, but when I reached down in the dark for my daughter my hand met the chunks of cold vomit. Stuck to the yellow nap of huanggou, the least hit of her three bedfellows: banma the zebra, Snowflake the snowdog, and huanggou, the big yellow one. A gruesome scene: I flubbed first by extracting the caked animals to the bathtub and attempting to rinse. That only blocked the drain. Second by replacing the catastrophized creatures with newbies out of the bedroom closet! She threw up again all over them and the backup fitted mattress cover! After that, Omi went to my bed with mommy and I retreated to the living room couch. Next morning she projected over an array of LEGO Duplo to the rug’s edge and I puked four times, emptying my stomach down to the dregs of bile. October got me twice.

Even last night I had to raise myself on pillows before closing my eyes as a precaution against nausea. Now that I’m reaching the end of the tunnel, though, my old friend Temodar’s arrived. FedEx van just swung by with a little present: Tiny carboard box courtesy of Dr. Chuda, Southlake Retail Pharmacy. Signature required.  

Take one capsule (100 mg) by mouth at bedtime daily. Take one hour after nausea medicine.   

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