May 5, 2019/May 9, 2022

May 5, 2019! Jordan Stempleman​ hosted this Sprung Formal Reading Release Party. Later, said he always thought Brian Compton​, seen here behind the giant lens, was my dad!

My younger sister Mariah had driven me because I still wasn’t driving again since my seizure in July, 2014, and I was getting ready to celebrate my five-year cancerversary, as I mention in the video: long-term survivalhood! And still peddling books, my first two collections (This was after Father Me Again but before I released Terminal Destination and did my reading at Inklings’ Books and Coffee Shoppe, which is now closed, over the summer, about our trip to bury Lili’s dad in Guizhou in February-March of the same year).

After the reading we sifted through a truckload of untouched fruit, I remember a vegetable platter, etc., among the leavings. Among the 2019 readers, I remember Peter Mishler, Jermaine Thompson​, Kara Lewis, and Ruth Williams. I also chatted with Marcus Myers​, whom I’ve more recently enjoyed getting to know and finally contribute to his wonderful Bear Review:

Tomorrow I’m excited to be returning to read live at this event after two years of contributing poems at a distance because of the pandemic.

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