August 23 Two-Book Launch at Inklings’ Books & Coffee Shoppe

With my Delphi Poetry Series chapbook a cat already out the bag (the indominable Allison Blevins delivered her Susurration to us last night at Inklings’), I have another baby on the way, coming in the mail any day now: Terminal Destination, whose second section is set in Beijing and Guizhou and based on our February-March trip to oversee my father-in-law Ni Yilin’s burial arrangements.

Terminal Destination Screen

Because I have Coming Home with Cancer in hand and Terminal Destination in transit, I have decided to launch both books at once on August 23.

Hope you see you there.

You never know, but I don’t expect to be putting out another book for a good little while.

Obviously summer is the doldrums for poetry readings and goings-on in general, but be there if you can. A book launch is a beautiful thing and so is Inklings’.

It’s all so very ephemeral.


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